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Steam-Account Security

Hello, my name is David Gerson aka pogrammerX and I’m here to tell you about Steam security!

Why is Steam security so important?
Very easy to answer, I once got hacked my self on the 4th of may 2022. I had 10 euros of Steam credit when I logged in a day later all of it was gone!
And if your PayPal/credit card information is in your Steam account, it could get INCREDIBLY high charges!

How can I protect my Steam account?
First of all, I recommend installing the Steam App on your phone and setting your Steam Guard to your Steam mobile app, when the hacker has access to your email and steam login data he could just use your email for receiving the Steam Guard! With the Steam app your Steam Guard is only accessible through the code that’s getting shown on the Steam app!
Second of all, choose a secure password, for example, use a password like “an(nasd7612HUAISDba77asd69hehe” instead of “MyDogsCute69”. Don’t use easy to guess passwords, instead use passwords that no one can guess so you can just write them down and be waayyy more secure!
Amazing! Now as long as your phone is secure, your account is pretty much unhackable!

What can I do if I got hacked?
What I did was I contacted Steam Support and now I bet you’re thinking “oh wow I didn’t have to read this part of the article to see that” BUT there’s a catch!
The catch is that Steam support CANNOT just reset the amount.
You will need to open a refund ticket for the purchase in whatever game / for the game the hacker made and tell Steam support you got hacked.
They will most likely contact you in 1 -5 hours from my experience!

Final Sentence
Now you know how to really protect your Steam account and are UNHACKABLE, well maybe lets just stay realistic and say that your account is almost unhackable!

Peace out!

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